Search Engine Ranking Reports

Knowing where your web sites appear in the search engines is very important. WebOK can provide you with weekly or monthly search engine ranking reports that display the positions of your chosen keyphrases in all the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo). It can also display positions for up to 3 competitor websites for the same keyphrases which will help highlight where there is scope for further effort to be applied.

  • List of targeted key phrases and positions.
  • Position fluctuation tracking.
  • Monitor competitor positions.

Search engine ranking reports go hand in hand with ongoing search engine optimisation. When changes are made to greater enhance results, the reports help display the impact of those changes. The service requires no software, and runs entirely on our servers. You give us the details, and we report regularly. Reports are delivered to you on the schedule you set, by email and can also be accessed via our powerful (yet straightforward) online interface, if required.

If you have an existing web site, either new or established, we can offer a website consultancy service where we will analyse your web site and identify any key areas in terms of coding, layout/design or content which could affect the chances of your web site placing high in search engines.

I've got my first report, what do I do with it?

This of course is totally down to you! Most people wait until they have a number of reports, then go through them and see if there is a pattern starting to occur. We also offer a graphing system, which allows you to see what your key phrases are doing in a visual representation, as well as showing how you are fairing against your competitors.

If you have just launched your site, you need to remember that search engines are methodical, and so don't react as quickly to your site being online as you would like! We recommend you wait at least 2 months before drawing any conclusions from these reports.

Once you have identified your "weak points" you can then come to us and we can look at pushing these key phrases on your website to make more of an impact on your business.

Case Study -

Hi Glass Window Cleaning

When Doug (Hi Glass Window Cleaning owner) came to us his existing website had almost no text on it and about 3 pages (to rank in search engines we recommend at least 6 pages). We came up with a design and implemented it with his key phrases, then set him on weekly search engine ranking reports so that we could monitor how his site was doing.

Out of Dougs 13 chosen key phrases, "Window Cleaning Portsmouth" and "Window Cleaners Portsmouth" were both found in the first report before we launched his new site:

[Image] Search Engine Ranking Reports Initial for Hi Glass Window Cleaning

The following weeks report which was after the new site launch showed that the new design and our SEO implemented practices had achieved some impressive initial results. However it also shows that "Pressure Cleaning Portsmouth" and "Gutter Fascia and Soffit Cleaning Portsmouth" had not been found, and so this helped us give Doug suggestions on what to look at working on next. A few tweaks to the website culminated in it appearing in the top 20 of Google a few weeks later for both those phrases.

Doug has continued with these reports every week, and these give us and him an insight into his website which helps us continue to improve his website on a regular basis.

And, as you can see from this report - three months after we started work, we managed to get Doug showing for the two key phrases mentioned above, and with our continued SEO work, we are gradually pushing his key phrases to get his site even closer to the top of Google.

[Image] Search Engine Ranking Reports Initial for Hi Glass Window Cleaning