Social Media Management & Marketing

More and more businesses are looking to social media to help find new customers, and promote their business.

Social Media is empowering businesses to interact directly and regularly with their customers (existing and potential) on the Internet via the mediums of blogs, Facebook & Twitter etc.

When used in the correct way, social media can really bring a boost to your business. Here at Web of Knowledge we are investing time into researching ways to use Twitter and Facebook for business. We have our own profiles for a number of websites on each of these social networking sites, enabling us to experience first hand the different ways of engaging with customers.

We don't just "charge you a set rate and say we will get you this amount of followers a month on Twitter" as many companies are doing at the moment. The problem with that approach is that follower's mean nothing if they are not interested in your business, and you need to engage with your community of followers, not rely upon outside organisations.

We offer a starter package comprising 3 sessions for Twitter and Facebook. This starts with a hands-on training session at our HQ in Horndean, when our social media coordinator will help set up your accounts and explain everything to you to get you going. We then schedule two formal follow-up telephone sessions (for example two & four weeks later), to see how you're doing, answer any questions you might have, and perhaps touch on some more advanced subjects. Longer term ongoing advice can be provided as and when required as part of our standard maintenance service. We can also provide tips and instruction on using other devices to manage your social media presence (such as phones).

We also post hints and tips about social media from time to time on our blog.

[Image] Social Media examples