Website Design & Development

WebOK offer excellent web design and development from our HQ in Havant, Portsmouth, Hampshire. It is vital that a website is built on sound foundations (W3C compliance and Search Engine Optimised) if you want it to work optimally for your business. Where some companies tend to think that the visual appearance is the only factor and the most important, we believe that your high-quality content is also the key to success.

We believe strongly that for a website design to be usable and succeed, it is important that the structure is search engine friendly, conforms to accessibility & W3C Standards and has been checked to work correctly for a variety of screen sizes, monitor resolutions and multiple browsers. This way the maximum number of people can view, enjoy and hopefully generate business for you from your site.

Check your website complies with the International W3C Standards

Website Usability

There may be many reasons why visitors don't stay on your website, some of the most common ones include:

  • Cannot find what they want - they leave.
  • Something doesn't work - they leave.
  • Takes too long to load - they leave.
  • Not clear what the company does - they leave.
  • They get lost - they leave.

Usability is always taken into account in the web design process. Visitors can be impatient and if expectations are not met they will leave and search for an alternative. Keeping the website design simple, clear and self-explanatory greater enhances their chances of finding the info they're looking for and capturing their interest.

First Impressions

First time visitors to your website don't read, they scan, analysing the page for the most relevant info. We use various visual web design methods to direct the visitor to the most important area on the page, greater emphasising your message, whether its brand awareness, lead generation or sales.

You only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression and capture visitor interest in order to get your message across. Keeping graphic sizes small speeds up load time allowing the website more time to engage the user.

We make sure you give visitors the information they came to your site to find. The most important information should be seen first, the next most important should only be one click away making it as easy as possible to find.


Case Study -

We originally designed Cameron House School previous website back in 2005. The site was clean, professional and in keeping with most other websites of its day, and has been regularly updated each term week since. However with the enormous leaps forward in design and standards that the web world has experienced within recent years, the site was in need of a refresh. Following on from initial discussions a complete redesign was requested by the school, as the most cost effective and efficient method for achieving their objectives.

After further discussions with Cameron House School, we gathered enough insight to commence the design phase. This is always the most time consuming and rewarding part of a designer's job. After 3 major design concept revisions, we started to significantly narrow down what they wanted from a layout and graphical perspective, we then proceeded to make minor adjustments to the design until the Cameron House team were happy. The website came together quickly after that - and went live in the summer of 2010, since when the website has received much praise. The website clearly reflects the prestigious, elegant high standards of the school and continues to be a proud advertisement for both our client and Web of Knowledge Limited.

"Over the past five years we have found that the needs of our website have altered with the increasing use of it by parents. We require an attractive and easy to use website which is informative and instinctive to navigate, for both new/prospective parents and existing children and parents. Getting the balance right can be difficult, but the team at Web of Knowledge understood this, and committed the time and attention required. We're delighted with the new site they have created for us - attractive, welcoming and bright, with all the regularly updated information about school dates as well as our weekly Insider newsletter and there's now a password protected parents area that's also being put to good use." - Lucie Moore, Headmistress