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Why Six?

When you come in for a meeting with us, you'll notice that we recommend you have at least six pages on your website. Some customers panic when they hear this, thinking they don't have enough to put on six pages but DON'T WORRY! We're here to help get you the best possible website in terms of design, SEO and content.

The reason we recommend your website to have at least six pages is from an SEO point of view. If you have fewer than six pages, there is a chance that Google wont index your site at all! Also, there is more to write about your business than you might think. Search engines index the pages of your site based on key phrases that each page is optimised for (it's okay, we can help with that bit) but each page can only be fully optimised for one key phrase, so before you decide on your pages, write down a list of key phrases that you think people are going to search for in the search engines. (This usually doesn't need to include your business name, unless it is a really well known brand). For example, our key phrases include:

Web design Hampshire
Search engine optimisation
E-commerce websites
Pay per click marketing

And quite a few more! But if you look at our site, you will see that we have a page for each of those key phrases.

Now while we don't write the content for your website, with 11 years of web design experience behind us, we know a little about what people expect to find on a website. If you find you are really stuck with content, then we've joined forces with a local copywriter who we can put you in touch with.

A "generic" page layout that we would suggest for you to be thinking about would be something like this:

Home: Click here to show details

This page needs to be welcoming people to your site, telling people exactly who you are and what you do straight away. This page needs to be simple - having too many things on it can be confusing to the eye, and can cause potential customers to navigate away from your page VERY quickly. Remember, you've only got 6 to 10 seconds to grab the attention of the person visiting your site, so make it a good opening!

About: Click here to show details

People are naturally nosey - they want to know everything, so tell them! Tell them who works with you, pictures are always nice on this page if you are a small friendly company, because people like to know who they are talking to. A headshot and a little bio about each person quickly fills up an about me page. (Don't just make the bios all about work either - personal things, like hobbies are something you should be thinking about including here too!)

Products / Services: Click here to show details

If you are opting for Superbasket (our shopping cart) then this page is slightly different, as the products are generated using an online interface that you can manage, however if your products and/or services are something you can't buy online then this page is really important. Don't just tell people what your services are, you need to sell them - tell them why they need your service, how it will improve things for them, etc etc.

News / Testimonials: Click here to show details

This page is one that often comes in later if you are a start up business. Testimonials are super important to prospective customers, so next time you do a job, or sell an item, ask the customer to give you some feedback - just a couple of lines - and permission to use it on your website. A news page can be useful if the service you offer is always changing depending on various things - as long as you keep the page updated it is a great way to keep people coming back to your site in order for them to know what is going on in your business. If you get any press coverage, that should also go here.

Useful Links: Click here to show details

This page depends entirely on your line of work. For some people, having links to other people's websites is a bad idea, but for others it can really help! (Especially if you get them to put a link to your site on theirs too.) Have a think and consider if your customers would find external links useful.

Contact: Click here to show details

One of the simplest pages to write. Email address (please please please, not a hotmail, yahoo, btinternet etc - if you've got a website address, you have a professional email address!), phone number and links to any social media accounts you may have. You might also want to have a contact us form - but make sure you have an email address available too, as some people prefer not to use forms to contact you!

Of course, not all of these pages are necessarily going to fit with your business, so a few others you might want to consider are:

Gallery, Offers, Events and of course there are lots of subject specific pages you can have. If you find you are really stuck, look at your products/services page, if you offer a lot of different services, it is defiantly worth breaking them up into separate pages, because remember, you can only fully optimise one page for one key phrase.

Hope this helps you in planning your new website, and hope to see you soon!